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Why Choose Corporate Bubble Soccer Melbourne


Corporate & Team Building Events


Corporate Bubble Soccer Melbourne are the specialists when it comes to organising Corporate and Team Building events in Melbourne.


We offer a variety of team focused activities such as bubble soccer, human foosball, quidditch, floorball, soapy soccer, flag grid iron and beach olympics.


We also organise motivational speakers, indoor & outdoor venues, low to high end catering, massage therapists & transportation.


Bubble Soccer Birthday Parties


Our team comprise of former & current school teachers where we offer structured and non-structured birthday parties as some kids prefer organised games while others just love to roll & bump around.


We provide additional activities such as chicken run to mix things up and keep the group engaged.


Indoor and outdoor venues are organised by us so you can sit back and relax.




School Fetes & Carnivals


We have a passion for supporting schools through school fetes and carnlvals where we:


Donate bubble soccer birthday party vouchers to be auctioned off or used in the raffle.


Donate 20% of our earnings direct to the school.


We are a big hit with the kids, making your school fete the best ever! 



Buck's & Hen's Nights


We provide different size bubble soccer suits to cater for different shapes and sizes.


Indoor and Outdoor venues are organised on your behalf leaving the work to us.


We can come to your location anywhere in Melbourne and regional Victoria.





Bubble Soccer Casual Hire


Just want to hire a few bubble suits for a special occasion? Corporate Bubble Soccer can certainly provide that service for you.


We can drop off the bubble suits to wherever you are in Melbourne or regional Victoria.


Keep the bubble suits for a few hours, a day or a week!


We can show you how to inflate, deflate and set up a bubble soccer event.



Bubble Soccer School Incursions


Our unique school incursions run a half day or all day through two programs:


Sports numeracy program where we teach kids math skills through sport activities (great idea for Literacy and Numeracy Week).


Sport incursions where we can bring different sport activities that will engage the whole school community (great idea for Health & P.E Week).




What Is Bubble Soccer?


Bubble Soccer is where the two teams get into inflatable bubble suits and play soccer with no fouls, yellow or red cards and no penalties.


It's all about bumping into each other, bouncing around and stopping the opposition from scoring goals.


Bump, push, roll around, the inflatable balls keep it fun and safe where by watching the game is as enjoyable as participating.




What Is Human Foosball? 


Human Foosball has a rectangular inflatable soccer field boundary where participants of each team are connected by a harness, allowing participants to move side to side.


It’s perfect for mixed groups events as players get to touch the ball more frequently and there’s not a lot of running involved.


Human Foosball may help improve leadership and teamwork skills while still having fun. 




What Is Soapy Soccer?


Soapy Soccer is an activity played on a wet and slippery soccer field shaped inflatable suitable for people of all ages and skill.


It is an attraction for hilarious tournaments and special summer events. Water and bubble bath soap are the ingredients to engage people in all setting.


Corporate Bubble Soccer Melbourne can run a soapy soccer activity at your next social or corporate event.




What Is Quidditch?


Quidditch is a sport based on the Harry Porter film where there are two teams of seven participants, each with a broomstick, using three different types of balls and playing three to four different roles.


It combines parts of rugby, dodgeball, wrestling, basketball, and other sports.


It is a chaotic activity, however once you understand the basic rules, Quidditch is a fun game to watch and play.



What Is Floorball?


Floorball is a fast paced indoor hockey game that combines aspects of ice hockey, soccer and basketball.


Teams have 5 players on court using a round plastic ball with holes and plastic hockey sticks.


Corporate Bubble Soccer Melbourne can organise games of floorball at your next social or corporate event.





What Is Beach Olympics? 


Beach Olympics is the perfect corporate team building event to get your team interacting and bonding during the summer months.


With the sand as the surface, teams compete to win Gold in a round-robin format in bubble soccer, beach volleyball, tug of war, sand sculpting, and flag grid iron.


As the competition concludes, the winning team will be announced with an awards presentation.



























Trying to find new ways of fundraising money for your cause but running out of ideas that will engage the community?

Look no further as Corporate Bubble soccer can offer new and exciting activities for kids, families where money can be collected and donated through peoples participation in bubble soccer, human foosball, soapy soccer and other awesome activities.


Click the 'Charity Fundraisers' headline to find out more on how your charity organisation can fundraise much needed money from excited and willing participants.





To view our full list of terms and conditions, please click on the link above ('Terms and Conditions') and it will take you to the page that will have all the information. 

Client Testimonials


"I think everyone had an amazing time yesterday. Thank you for all your help"
Alison Topilnicki
Senior Media Executive at Sportsbet 

"We all had a ball. Everyone got involved in some capacity. We built a stronger foundation of support for each other. There were people I had never spoken to but now we are all talking and interacting" 
Michael Shmerling
Sales and Membership Service Adminstrator
at Essendon Football Club 

"Thanks again for the other night. Feedback has been very positive from all concerned" 
Aaron Kilner - Senior Specialist
Brand and Technical Marketing at Adidas

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