Tips on how to stay fit and healthy

Fitness and health is all about life balance. The key word is moderation. Training and exercising at excessive levels can be detrimental to your body's health whereby overused muscles can lead to soft tissue injuries. Consuming excessive amounts of fast food and junk food can also lead to other health issues such as diabetes and heart complications.


Having a moderate attitude towards different types of exercise and food may help maintain your healthy fitness levels.


Bubble soccer is a great option for exercise as its not too excessive, yet its fun, engaging and will get your body working hard while burning all those calories and fat. The best part of bubble soccer is that you won't even notice the hard work and exercise you're putting into it as you will be having too much fun and laughter.

Tips on organising an event

When organising any type of event, especially a sports related event, you have to have a clear picture in your head where you're going to host it, what part of the year, the type of people that will be invited and the duration of the function.


Knowing Melbourne which sometimes has four seasons in one day, the location and the time of the year are crucial, hence you always have to have a backup location such as an indoor venue in case the weather becomes inclement.


To make the event fun and engaging, you want the participants to be competitive especially when organising a bubble soccer event. The duration is as important whereby having it too long with one activity can disengage people.