What is Floorball?

Floorball is an indoor hockey game where plastic hockey sticks, miniture soccer goals and a round plastic ball is used instead of a puck, making it easier for players to control the ball and score goals.


Each team has 5 field players and a goalkeeper who have team coloured hockey sticks to help tell apart the two opposing teams.




Floorball Pricing

For the first hour, the cost will be $220 and $110 for every additional hour.


The package comes with 12 hockey sticks, plastic ball, miniture soccer goals and a qualified supervisor. 


If requested, we can book indoor venues on your behalf



Rules of Floorball

Rule #1:


Players are not allowed to swing the hockey still like a golf club when passing or hitting the ball.


This rule is set in place to prevent players from hitting each other in the face which can potentially cause serious facial injuries.


Rule #2:


Players are not allowed to intentionally hit each others hockey sticks. Contact is acceptable if the players are contesting for the ball.

Rule #3


Players must always hold the hockey sticks with two hands when running and hitting the ball.


Benefits of Floorball


Its a fast paced game that is fun, engaging and more importantly safe for kids and adults.


If you are planning on organising multiple activities for an indoor event, Floorball will be a great addition for the participants.


The game is perfect for birthday parties, corporate team building events, bucks and hens nights and social events.


Floorball is an activity that offers inclusivity no matter what your skill level is and provides a platform for team work, communication and strategy building.










Client Testimonials


"I think everyone had an amazing time yesterday. Thank you for all your help"
Alison Topilnicki
Senior Media Executive at Sportsbet 

"We all had a ball. Everyone got involved in some capacity. We built a stronger foundation of support for each other. There were people I had never spoken to but now we are all talking and interacting" 
Michael Shmerling
Sales and Membership Service Adminstrator
at Essendon Football Club 

"Thanks again for the other night. Feedback has been very positive from all concerned" 
Aaron Kilner - Senior Specialist
Brand and Technical Marketing at Adidas

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