What is Human Foosball?

Human Foosball resembles a life size table foosball game where participants are strapped with a harness to a metal pole that stretches out from side to the other.


Players therefore can only move side to side instead of up and down the field, mimicking the game of table foosball.


The objective remains the same in Human Foosball where the players work together as a team to move the ball up the field to score goals.

Pricing on Human Foosball

The cost of hiring the Human Foosball inflatable starts at $440 for the first hour and $220 for every additional hour.


The Human Foosball package comes with the human foosball inflatable, metal poles, harnesses, indoor soccer balls and a supervisor. 


All of our Human Foosball prices are inclusive of GST and is the final price with no hidden costs.




Rules of Human Foosball

Rule #1

All players in Human Foosball must be strapped in and have both hands on top of the harness that is attached to the metal pole. This is to prevent the tearing of the harness


Rule #2

Turning your body in Human Foosball is not permitted. This too is to prevent the stretching and tearing of the harness.


Rule #3

Players are not allowed to push or pull the pole/harness foward or backwards in Human Foosball. This is to prevent the bending and snapping the metal poles.



Benefits of Human Foosball

Human Foosball is the perfect activity for corporate team building events and soccer mad kids birthday parties.


It is an inclusive activity whereby participants can play different roles such as keeper, striker and midfielder, no matter what skill level the participant has.


Human Foosball is also a great add on activity to other games such as Bubble Soccer, Soapy Soccer and other sports.











Client Testimonials


"I think everyone had an amazing time yesterday. Thank you for all your help"
Alison Topilnicki
Senior Media Executive at Sportsbet 

"We all had a ball. Everyone got involved in some capacity. We built a stronger foundation of support for each other. There were people I had never spoken to but now we are all talking and interacting" 
Michael Shmerling
Sales and Membership Service Adminstrator
at Essendon Football Club 

"Thanks again for the other night. Feedback has been very positive from all concerned" 
Aaron Kilner - Senior Specialist
Brand and Technical Marketing at Adidas

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